Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thank You, I Don't Give a Shit

1:47 PM
It’s your birthday so I figured you need some melodramatic shit on your special day. What more sentimental way to do it than by listing the things I’m grateful about our friendship. Here it goes:

Thank you for the years. Definitely the past few have been the highlight of our friendship, but I cannot discount the times in the past when we would talk about Nep and your other love interests nonstop, organize the Christmas party for our school. hangout in the park and pretend we’re giving out surveys, wolf down tapsilogs and merienda in some cheap restaurant, meet a foreigner and talk with him about religion in the Middle East, Because those little moments piled up to become what we already have now.

Thank you for choosing the teaching profession. For you have proven me it is possible to love your career. Left and right, I see batchmates and friends rant about their jobs. You are the complete opposite. Despite the scanty allowance at the moment, you exhibit the most satisfaction.

Thank you for making me laugh. Your humor, be it clean or green, is sure to make someone smile, including myself. Although majority is too stale to gather favourable response, your effort to pull through a corny joke is commendable. HAHAHA

Thank you for maintaining your figure. For when I’m next to you, I look really slim. HAHAHAHA! Sorry just had to.

Thank you for having a pretty face. For during these times and many times in the past, when I don’t have anyone to flirt with, you’re always my default go-to guy. Thank you for not filing cases against my sexual harassment attempts at you. Thank you for letting me. Please continue on wearing those shorts with flimsy fabric. It makes it easier for me to find the bulge. Take note, one day, I will go all the way. You have been warned.

Thank you for the long conversations. For silence rarely existed between us. An adage says True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable. But for us, silence really is inessential. For we can talk about a lot of things and never get bored. I can go on and on with my sick sexcapades and crush encounter tales and you can besiege me with philosophy, religion, and porn, and in the end be hungry for more stories.

Thank you for caring. Because as brazen as your twitter handle may be, you actually do give a shit.

That’s all. I love you. Happy birthday! I will see you tomorrow. *kiss kiss*

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